2022-2023 Global LNG Project Spending Outlook

Wednesday, July 27, 2022
10:00 AM (CDT)

As economies around the world have reopened, demand for natural gas has rebounded and stretched available supply. European natural gas stocks began the winter at lower levels, which have been worsened by colder weather, the conflict in Ukraine and higher prices as cargoes are diverted from Asia to fill the supply gas throughout Europe. Despite the exorbitant list of projects in the planning process, the number of projects moving to final investment decisions (FID) is shrinking as the future role of natural gas, along with all other fossil fuels, is in question due to greenhouse gas reduction efforts.

During this webinar, IIR will provide the latest information on global trends related to liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification and liquefaction project development. IIR also will provide an overview of improved data analytics that will help you track the constantly evolving market.

Topics to be covered in this webinar include:


Expectations for new capacity project executions


Current state of LNG supply and demand


Operating status of U.S.-based LNG liquefaction capacity


IIR data analytics that will help you stay on top of the LNG installed base buildout



Shaheen Chohan

Industrial Info's VP of Global Analytics

11 Years Tenure with IIR

Shaheen Chohan leads IIR's Global Analytics and has held several roles with Tier 1 strategy consulting firms as well as Strategic Marketing roles within Reuters. He was Director of a Dubai-based energy infrastructure market intelligence and consulting boutique. He is currently based in Dubai but services clients globally. A UK national, Shaheen received his BSc from the University of London and MSc from University of Sheffield.


Shane Mullins

Industrial Info's VP of Product Development

32 Years Tenure with IIR

Shane Mullins is the VP of Product Development, currently specializing in the Oil & Gas Industry as well as supporting the Power Industry. He has worked his way up from Plant Research, to Project Research, to Custom Market Research, to Manager of Power Products, all prior to being promoted to VP of Product Development in 2000. He has also specialized in developing IIR’s Energy Equipment Database, Process Unit Database and Asset Database.

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