2022-2023 Petroleum Refining, Alternative Fuels & Crude Oil Global Spending Outlook

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
10:00 AM (CDT)

Coming into 2022, demand for refined product remains robust, and with it demand for crude oil. More of the same is expected well into 2023. Despite this, many refiners are already positioning themselves for the net-zero energy transition, although most refiners still see this as less of a major or immediate threat and more of a long-term transformation. As a result, both crude oil producers and refiners continue to focus their capital spending plans on meeting near-to-midterm demand growth while also making early investments into those lower-carbon technologies and markets. IIR industry experts will be discussing the key trends shaping the current capital and maintenance spending 24 month outlook across upstream, midstream and refined product markets, as well as highlighting what new low-carbon investments are starting to emerge.

Topics to be covered in the webinar include:


After shutting down refinery capacity due to COVID lockdowns, global demand for refined products has rebounded and remains robust.


Coming into 2022, refiners are focusing their efforts on capital expenditure programs to capture robust profit margins and market share.


Demand for renewable diesel is growing rapidly, driving record levels of grassroot construction.


Traditional petroleum refineries are being converted to produce renewable fuels, including suitable aviation fuels (SAF).



Shaheen Chohan

IIR's VP of Global Analytics

11 Years Tenure with IIR

Shaheen leads IIR's Global Analytics and has held several roles with Tier 1 strategy consulting firms as well as Strategic Marketing roles within Reuters. He was Director of a Dubai-based energy infrastructure market intelligence and consulting boutique. He is currently based in Dubai but services clients globally. A UK national, Shaheen received his BSc from the University of London and MSc from University of Sheffield.


Trey Hamblet

IIR's VP of Research, Chemical Processing

30 Years Tenure with IIR

Trey Hamblet manages global research teams that identify and track Chemical Processing Industry plant activities. He also manages multiple commodity research teams that track offline maintenance events in the chemical, gas processing and energy industries.


Hillary Stevenson

Oil Market Subject Matter Expert

A Correspondent for IIR Energy

Hillary is a subject matter expert on crude oil trends and their impact on the North American crude oil supply chain. With more than 12 years industry experience, she has particular expertise in North American refining, Cushing oil storage, and pipeline networks.

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