2023-2024 Global Oil & Gas Project Spending OUtlook

Thursday, September 21, 2023
11:00 AM (CEST)

As economies around the world continue to reopen at varying rates, this 2023-2024 Oil & Gas Outlook will highlight spending in the sector on a region-by-region basis as well as the different drivers and trends impacting project spending. Climate change leading to greenhouse gas reduction efforts and the uptick in renewable fuels, combined with regions and countries at different stages in this era of energy transition, will be addressed.

Our panel of three industry experts will discuss, amongst other things, which world regions are expected to see a rebound in oil & gas activity and will include analyses across the Terminals, Pipelines and Production sectors. Our experts will also take a deeper dive into niche areas such as LNG production, regasification and carbon capture.

Topics to be covered in the webinar include:


Overall spending statistics on a regional basis


Key highlights for each region


Outlook for near-term Offshore Projects


Carbon capture and sequestration



Shaheen Chohan

IIR's VP of Global Analytics

12 Years Tenure with IIR


Shane Mullins

IIR's VP of Product Development

32 Years Tenure with IIR


Gordon Gorrie

IIR's VP of Research, Oil & Gas

11 Years Tenure with IIR

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