2023-2024 Global 


Industry Spending Outlook

Thursday, November 16, 2023
10:00 AM (JST)

The Pharma & Biotech industry over the past 2 years has seen an increased demand for diagnostics, treatments and vaccines thanks to COVID-19 and its variants. As we continue to move into a post-pandemic world, manufacturers and investors are looking for ways to address and combat pandemics before they get out of control.
Join our industry experts as they discuss the trends and issues impacting project spending in the global Pharma & Biotech industry in 2024.

Main Topics:


How will the industry respond to supply chain shortages going forward?


Key market drivers


Capital spending by project type [expansions, additions, etc.]



Shaheen Chohan

Industrial Info's VP of Global Analytics

12 Years Tenure with IIR

Shaheen leads IIR's Global Analytics and has held several roles with Tier 1 strategy consulting firms as well as Strategic Marketing roles within Reuters. He was Director of a Dubai-based energy infrastructure market intelligence and consulting boutique. He is currently based in Dubai but services clients globally. A UK national, Shaheen received his BSc from the University of London and MSc from University of Sheffield.


Annette Kreuger

Industrial Info's VP of Research, Pharmaceutical & Biotech

25 Years Tenure with IIR

Annette is the global research leader for the pharmaceutical-biotech industry. Over 20 years of reporting on competitive intelligence and market research within the biotech and pharma industries, focusing on capital investment, trends, growth patterns and analytics.